Five Cars Owned by Athletes that would Look Better in the Scrapheap

They say money can’t buy taste, and you don’t have to look any further than some athlete’s cars to know that’s the truth. Based on the looks of these cars these guys would be better off putting some of the money they spent on their current cars toward hiring someone with actual taste to pick out their next one. Whether they’re joyously tooling around in a car long past its shelf life or driving an expensive monstrosity, here are five rides that should have immediately been scrapped.

1 – Stephen Ireland – Audi R8 – The Pregnancy Test (Blue Version)

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Footballer Stephen Ireland has had many terrible cars over the years, but this one takes the cake. The Audi R8 is a sweet ride, but Ireland managed to screw his up twice. First, he bought the white and red version while playing for Man City. Driving around town in Man U colors didn’t go over so well with teammates and fans. Doing what any reasonable person would, he had it painted white and sky blue. Unfortunately, it still turned out looking more like a pregnancy test than it does a car.

2. Wayne Rooney – Ford Ka Sport

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I don’t know if Rooney was being paid by Ford to drive this car around, but if he wasn’t he should have been. It’s ridiculous that one of the most well-paid and famous footballers in the world would be seen in this mini-version of a car. He’s just standing next to it, right? He didn’t actually drive that thing did he? If so, he should have driven it straight to the nearest car scrapping company.

3. JR Smith – $450K Armored Car

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Our third entry on the list is American NBA player JR Smith and his $450,000 armored car. This is what this guy drives around NYC. I know the city that never sleeps can get a little crazy sometimes, but this is over the top. And it’s ugly to boot. I’m not sure, but the U.S. Military may want to check its inventory, I think it might be missing an MRAP. As heavy as this thing is, Smith could make a killing at the scrapyard and save himself the embarrassment of driving this around.

4. Sulley Muntari – Camo Lamborghini

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I’m not even sure what to say about this car. I mean it’s a Lambo; it has to be cool doesn’t it? Well, apparently not. Footballer Muntari took what was once presumably a nice looking car and turned it into a camouflaged embarrassment. Seriously, who paints their car camo and still gets pulled over.

5. Darren McFadden – 1972 Buick

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McFadden is another American athlete. The Oakland Raiders’ running back is shows that American football players have terrible taste too. I’m not sure why he needed 32” wheels on that thing, but then again, I’m not sure why he was compelled to have Grimace and Kermit throw up on it either. The best thing you can say about this hunk of scrap is that it stands out in a crowd.